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Prices start from £50 +vat. Try one of our games from the list below...

  • Buy the swf - choose any game above for price advertised
  • Don't want to buy or self host? Try our hosted solution. Lease any game above, hosted with us until 31st January 2016, for £100 +vat.
  • Branding options - add your logo, colour scheme, custom messages in the game for an extra £50 +vat (either solution)
  • Change the music loops prices from £50 +vat (licence dependent)
  • Add a leaderboard (hosted solution only) for £50 +vat
  • Bespoke branding and customs graphics also possible - get in touch and we'll talk to you about what you need.
  • Agencies welcome - let's see how we can fit into your integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Terms & conditions

NEW Agency offer - Buy the FLA for £500 +vat

If you have your own flash developers, illustrators or designers you may be interested in purchasing the FLA source file. Provided on a non-exclusive license you'd be free to create your own versions of the games over and over again.

FLAs available for purchase are Snowball Fight, Santa Sweep, Present Panic, Turkey Flier and Pressie Burst

FLA versions have score submission removed but you can of course add your own

Don't just take our word for it...

See what David Gilroy from Conscious said about us on his 2 blog posts: Brandable Christmas games work (16.01.2012) and Brandable Christmas Games update (21.01.12).

"...We usually get just less than 100 visits per day and the peak at the top of the graph is just on 400. So, the week of 12-Dec we had 532 visits, the week of the 19-Dec we had 1,185 visits, a more than 100% increase...."

Flash Games What can a game do for you?

  • Drive new visitors to your site
  • Increase mailing list opt-ins
  • Grow your customer base
  • Encourage repeat visits
  • Promote specific products
  • Display your company personality
  • Simplify marketing messages
  • Target online community sites, blogs, game portals

Flash games work because of their viral nature. People are sharing much more online nowadays through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs etc.

A good, fun game on your site can encourage people to keep coming back and importantly share the game with their friends and colleagues.

Add in a leaderboard or insert promotional offers and links within the game and you've got a great way of promoting and engaging with your audience.

Simple, classic gameplay

Viral games work best when they're easy to play, simple to learn and don't take up too much of your time. Our games are built with that in mind, based on classic game-playiing engines, giving a fun and easy experience for your visitors.

How it works

Customise your flash game

When we build a game, rebrandable or bespoke we start off with developing the game engine. We define and build the nuts and bolts that make up the game itself.

We then add the aesthetic elements afterwards. This leaves us with a game stock that is easily brandable and customisable for all our clients.

We can also help produce holding pages and sites, host the games for you or simply pass the assets for you to include in your projects.

They can also be used in E-Learning, to educate users in a more interactive or immersive way and can be linked to databases/xml files and back-end coding helping create rich user experiences or to complement social networking initiatives.

Every aspect of the games we develop can be modified including soundtracks, game characters, scenery and some game-play factors (speed, scoring, bonuses, game levels). If you have previously used the game to promote a specific product or season then a simple re-skin or game asset swap can become a cost effective way of generating fun, fresh and targetted advertising on a regular basis.

choose your engine

Find out more about the games available

Throwing Engine

Our throwing engine is great for creating fast and fun, aim and click games. Choose from a variety of illustrative and photo realistic styles you can even put yourself in as a target!

Maze Engine

A popular addition to the portfolio was a maze style game where you collect dots whilst getting chased (sound familiar).

Drop & catch

The drop and catch engine offers fast and furious fun using your arrow keys. Items are dropped from the top and you catch them at the bottom. Simple? Try telling that to Santa in his motor-boat!

Running engine

A horizontal scoller using the arrow keys to move. Spacebar added to jump the character. Can be adapted for a keyboard bashing frenzy or used more sedately as in this example:

Matching pairs

An all time classic for quick viral fun. Turn the cards and find the pairs! For some reason many of our matching pairs versions have been used in Lads mags and Lingerie campaigns! Here's an example we can show you though:

Selected others

We've also got engines for quizzes, snake and some one offs such as the boogie box.

More engines coming soon...